Blue Knight

Blue Knight Cannabis Strain

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Very good

A great powerful, powerful strain. A bowl of this can have you functioning and telling blitzed. A full joint had me me down like a tranq dart. A great fuckin high. The best part is the flavor that goes with the high. Taste like A fuckin bluberry. Best taste of a strain I had so far. Definitely recommend. Munchies are next level too
Very good

Oh boy. This had me out of commission for hours after just one shared bowl. Destroyed my tongue with sour patch kids, couldn’t taste for days, the high was super intense for me, but did nothing for my partner. I’d recommend this to fans of archetypical indicas.

The taste was very tolerable, very dark purple buds very nice
Very good

First hit out of the bong on a snapper bowl. As far as my cut (outdoor), it was very harsh on hitting the lungs but after a good cough the vanilla and berry flavors really started to creep in. Provided an immediate feeling of relaxation and a bit of euphoria, also a bit of nice pressure in the forehead. Okay this is off one hit, I'll update further.
Very good

Well, where do I begin. Got this last night for the very first time after I read all the great reviews on here (thanks folks)! Bought an eighth and immediately upon opening the package, a strong berry-flavored aroma spread through the room. The smell is unbelievably good. It literally smells like freshly washed berries. Now, the good part. Packed a bowl of this beauty and what can I say, it tastes DAMN GOOD! The exhale is sm...
Very good

Got a oz of this and love it. Was mostly green with red hairs with, not much blue or purp to it with furry milky trichs. Smell is pungent blueberry/vanilla haze(sandlewood). very nice. definetly strong/heavy. not gonna be productive after smoking this.
Very good

Mouth wateringly potent, earthy sweet taste with a scent to match. Relaxing indica dominant high paired with the happy, heavy eyed munchies so better reserved for P.M. consumption. Also acquired the matching shatter and fell asleep playing Madden last night so I highly recommend for stress, pain and a good night's sleep.
Very good

At 12 percent this strain had an incredibly chill feel to it. An Indica that will take stress and anxiety away while getting you lifted. An Indica perfect for daytime smoking or a less heavy hitting Indica at night. Amazing sweet taste.
Very good

I love colorful buds. Blue and Purple hairs around these beautiful sticky buds. great for use after a long stressful day. great aroma and sweet taste
Very good

Smoked a bowl with my man tonight, Blue Knight makes for a hungry night. Slammed down a bunch of water too. Dry mouth like crazy, it's the only downside. I feel pretty damn good, relaxed, and clear. Cooking to keep up with my hunger. An alluring scent, complex with sweet berry notes. I would definitely smoke again