Blue Kiss

Blue Kiss Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Just as described
Very good

Smoked a Joint of this tasty delicious weed, the indica sensation kicked in immediately. The taste is great, has that blueish taste to it, little touch of blue dream with a kick of purple kush. This is by far the best 70-30 indica strain I’ve smoked so far!
Very good

This strain absolutely ROCKS! Very much a cerebral high, and also, psychedelic. I love the way it works in the morning, noon, and at night ~ very cool strain. GET IT AT GOLDEN LEAF ~ I picked up two ounces, each one on a Thursday, for their 180 ounce special!!!!!!!!!!! 196, including tax ~ you won't regret it ~

Felt very indica and hit my like a truck. One blunt from it and all I wanted was just to sleep. Great taste.

Great taste just super indica. Went over relaxed and fell asleep.
Very good

Yum yum blueberry after taste
Very good

vey good strain i usually stay away from hybrids as i prefer pure indicas but i thought i would give it a shot and try this out and the review on it states that you feel mostly Indica strain but it was actually the opposite with me I first started out with a nice warm head buzz and then after about an hour I started to feel it in my body very good strain if you are going out and being productive for the day it will definitel...