Blue God

Blue God Cannabis Strain

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Very good

BLUE GOD AKA PURPLE GLASS!! This shit got me walking while m holding walls! My buddy rolled a big fat one, and we were kocked for the night, perfect for night time, full body was relaxed as if i were getting a body massage, ate like a mad dog and went to sleep 420/10 would RECOMMEND FOR ANYONE WITH DEPRESSION, STRESS, ANXIETY, INSOMNIA!

Didn’t do nothing to me, didn’t hit me, didn’t get high, won’t buy it again

Never got high or nothing didn’t hit me... didn’t do nothing to me... if anything I felt releaxed

Really great light strain.. All around a smooth and relaxing experience.

Dense, resin filled-up buddys, BigSize and sweet berries and floral aroma! Gives DENSE smoke whos wood texture wiLL make any moment better! 😄 Suprah enjoyable, relaxing wit it and an iced cofee after this rainy hot day!
Very good

First impression is it’s Euphoric smell of blueberry and delicate yet full trichromes. Beautiful dense and sparkly buds. I took 3 really big rips of this to start out. It just hit so nicely, and tasted so good. By the time I was letting out the third hit I knew I had made a good choice for my health this fine night, as I could feel my body start to relax. Peter Gabriel (as someone had suggested) was a spot on choice to lis...
Very good

definitely an effective smoke for those insomnia nights
Very good

mellow and relaxing perfect after a long day, it kinda dumbs me down and the body high is dope
Very good

absolutely my favorite strain. amazing blueberry taste with a strong indica punch. the smoke is silky smooth & it's a Canadian Strain so love it more. killer stuff
Very good

Mellow buzz, melt into the couch but clear headed. Vape concentrate so the taste was awesome. 👌