Blue Dynamite

Blue Dynamite Cannabis Strain

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Really nice taste and look to this strain. Pain relief and nausea relief were the main benefits I experienced from this strain. At some point, I experienced several waves of paranoia—something that I do not experience too frequently.
Very good

This should be prescribed instead of opioids. Painkiller for sure.
Very good

Rewind ten years ago. This took tokers of Vancity to a whole new place when it first arrived. The smell of diesel mixed with an earthy nose was unique and powerful. The smoke was fast acting with a wave of calm while still clear minded... and the cake.. oh the cake! Sticky pungent frosty blue weed. I forgot about this beautiful strain until I just found it on the Phat site. Cheers!
Very good

Good for pain.
Very good

Blue Dynamite is a high CBD Indica, with a very pleasant berry flavor, and sweet aromas. I have really come to enjoy Indicas which do a great job helping me stay asleep, something I have trouble with partially due to physical pain and in part due to a wandering, restless mind. BD was quite good at putting both in check. It certainly had a compound effect, as the first 2 hits were relaxing and slightly hazy, but became qui...

My impression of this batch of this strain is that it is good, but not great. I would have been happy with it in the bad old days before I got my card and had so many beautiful strains to choose from. Like I said good, but nothing that special
Very good

I like this strain, had in shatter form nice light color, relaxing high.

One of my favorite all around strains from the bud look and smell to its taste and burn.. More indica dominant and uplifting
Very good

very strong earthy taste with hint of berries very relaxing
Very good

I am pretty pleased I tried this strain. It's a fairly mellow cerebral high, I feel very clear headed when I vape this, which is great. It keeps me calm and offers a nice body high, but without much couch lock at all. Does give me pretty intense munchies, but if I ignore the cravings everything else is peachy. Really great for sleeping, too!