Blue Dream

Blue Dream Cannabis Strain


What is Blue Dream

 The result of mixing Sativa Haze and Blueberry Indica, this hybrid, sativa dominant strain has a huge following among West Coast users. Blue Dream makes users feel calm and relaxed throughout their whole body, with its strong body high. Alongside that it also gives users a subtle head high and a little burst of cerebral energy within it. Beginners and experienced users both report this calming, dreamy strain being very sedative. Some strains of Blue Dream show their indica heritage physically, but even so they express mostly sativa-common effects. 

Blue Dream has a fantastic fruity, berry smell, akin to its parent strain Blueberry Indica. Blue Dream is sure to launch you into happy, relaxed dreams, without being to overbearing, or too sleep inducing. Blue Dream is popular amongst medical users who use it to relieve muscle pains, sadness, depression, stomach issues and more.   

Blue Dream Effect And Attributes

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Happy (100%)
Euphoric (89%)
Relaxed (88%)
Uplifted (85%)
Creative (67%)
Blueberry (100%)
Sweet (93%)
Berry (82%)
Earthy (44%)
Flowery (27%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Dry Eyes (55%)
Paranoid (24%)
Dizzy (23%)
Anxious (14%)

Blue Dream Flavors

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