Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond Cannabis Strain

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I just smoked a blunt of this and to be very honest it just gives you a couch lock and you really can’t feel the world around you if you ever plan to do this alone and not with someone it is not really recommend because this also kinda makes you only relatable when high.
Very good

I would categorize this as a hybrid not an indica. It makes you dumb and entertained. I through enjoy it and will be buying it again. Does make you dumb, so I recommend smoking with someone else smoking or alone. People will get annoyed if they are sober.
Very good

currently i’m standing on a slope on a mountain and i just smoked 2 blunts filled with blue diamnond. at this point right now i don’t know. that’s it.
Very good

So im at the park with my 2 homeboys (keep in mind im already high as a hoe from earlier in the day) and we capped some Blue Diamond and rolled up a few fat blunts. I get to smoking that shit and all of a sudden everything starts turning white and the crickets sounding at night seemed super loud to the point where my ears were hurting. I keep hitting the blunt and i thought i was on a mothership being abducted by aliens read...
Very good

Definitely is earthy, sweet, and berry-ish ;-) tastes great at a low but still warm temp. Very relaxing, euphoric and happy feeling with a case of the munchies...hehehe :-D
Very good

Lately haven't been feeling myself since the accident, this indica was great! I loved this strain and will get more.
Very good

Does the trick for insomnia... smoke is a creeper so be patient. I decided not to be patient and found myself at near hallucination levels... oops. I let it ride and faded into oblivion. Good taste and burn helped a lot... or did it?

Definitely a awesome strain, will definitely recommend using at night. 👍👍💨💨

I woke up this morning and went straight for the Blue Diamond. I vape a 90% distillate from a pen. First few draws I had a nice headband effect, 100+mg in and I now feel like a tiny woman is sitting atop and massaging each of my eyelids ... I feel no pain and total relaxation and peace. This strain tastes berry and sweet with a touch of gassiness to it. Very smooth. I don’t give 5.0/5.0 easy! (Holy Grail & Fire OG are the o...
Very good

very tasty indica. Good 4 that chilling mode