Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Great strain with great memories, super smelly

Very calm and relaxing high while it doesn't make you too tired, depending on how much you smoke it could bring your activity up. First things first, if you don't like cheese or the smell of cheese do not smell this or taste it. I personally hate the smell of cheese but the high this strain provides is worth the 5 minutes of not-that-great taste.
Very good

Great strain to calm the mind and relax the body. Definitely a heavy body relaxing indica with absolutely 0 anxiety. Mentally I feel very creative and focused but find myself spacing out a good bit. Even with the clear mind I still feel pretty uplifted, just not much laughing/giggly euphoria feeling.
Very good

This is my first review while experiencing the strain, I highly recommend you try this! On to the Blue Cheese review: A little background. I have been working on a oz for a 3 weeks, this has been my EDS. Blue Cheese has buds that appear classic Indica, that tell-tale spade shape. These buds appear somewhat dense with plenty of orange and sticky green. A very light fuel & moldy-earth scent OOTB.. After grinding, the mold...

Comes on nice and strong but with a mellow touch. Taste is amazing and it vapes well. Good body high as well as heavy medicated feeling up in the noodle. Overall a nice strain, my only gripe about it is the high does not last long for me. I tend to puff this one more thought the evening in order to maintain a specific buzz.

This is one of the heaviest strains I’ve ever smoked. I have a very high tolerance and this stuff puts me down! Made me and friends very dizzy and honestly 1 hit is enough
Very good

Nice cheesy smelling... lift off without take off

The best quality stuff ever perfect strains both indica and sativia kik i.d maxiie45

i laughed, real loud too, / then stopped, so no one would ask / me what was funny.
Very good

Blue Cheese is a very good strain for relaxation after a days work also great for insomnia