Blue Buddha

Blue Buddha Cannabis Strain

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Blue Buddha is a very unique high that combines the heavy stone of Romulan with the wild euphoria of LA confidential. It's like Blue Dream for night-time that makes you want to try it's predecessor Purple Buddha.
Very good

Excellent head buzz that then settles into a euphoric body stone.
Very good

very enjoyable high, sticky buds with a pungent smell that hits your nose right when u tear the seal off. I smoked 1 bong bowl of this and I was stoned I didnt need to smoke more and I was couchlocked for a good long time .
Very good

If the strain is grown correctly, it will give off strong aromas of blueberry, cheese, and tea! It also has a very exceptionally smooth taste, and a very pungent Skunky smell! Great for night time, few tokes of this stuff, and you're out for the count.

Smoked this for the first time and everything that I've read in the description rang oh so true. i was concrete on the couch..couldn't move..and truly forgot about the bullshit from the day. Great strain! If you want a genuine high..Blue Buddha is one of the better ones available. So good that i woke up still buzzed. Looking forward to picking up where i left off.. haha. :)
Very good

This was a very strong high. Something that does not knock you out from the get go but it does leave you in your head a lot. Rather antisocial. However, dry mouth was definitely a thing. I felt a little more out of control when it came to socializing, I struggled to respond or keep up with conversation. I was very much in my own world, extremely enjoyable. Overall strong solid high, definitely a chill out, play some comp...
Very good

Amazing strain. Takes care of Chronic back pain, migraines, etc, however isn't as sedating as other indicas. One of my current favorites!
Very good

crazy purple buds