Blue Bastard

Blue Bastard Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Really stony indica that turns you into a paperweight.
Very good

The buds are beautiful... the smell???? .. soooo seductive... tantalizing even... which entrapped me instantly.... the high was slow.. and you won't realized how relaxed you are until you are awakening the next day...
Very good

Blue Bastard is a nice indica strain . Got a freshly cured 1/4th a few days back and have been smoking it all weed. Beautiful flowers, lots of trichomes , dark green, nice hairs. Definitely has an inviting smell , a mix of pine and berries . The high is nice and heavy but never got couch lock. A more energetic indica high with a happy , euphoric buzz. Solid strain all in all .

I got some for night time sleep and relax. It's very good at relaxation at night while still being clear headed. Great smoke for night time when not looking to be out cold. My wife likes this one for me still can carry on a with conversation. Very calming but not tired to much.

Wow, I can only use Blue Bastard if I want to go to sleep.....immediately. Through a vaporizer I am pretty much knocked out within 15 minutes. That can be a good thing or a bad thing, but it does also help with pain quite well. My head is pretty clear, other than all I want to do is sleep.

Tried roasting a bowl of this. Effects came on pretty quickly. However one thing is to be noted, each time I tried this for pain relief, I do get it, but it comes with a price. Blue bastard has some blueberry genetics, which as most know, are famous for their euphoric feelings. But this Blue Bastard gave me mini-nightmares a few hours after I ingested it, but only when I was asleep. I'm not sure what it is about it but I...
Very good

When getting to know a new flower I always go as low on the dosage as possible. This came on in gentle waves of euphoria followed through with feelings of being really healthy. Had the ability to completely snap out of it and focus. The desired use was for back pain reduction and although during the peak and decline of the medication, it was still there, the next day I felt amazing and got a lot of shit done. No indica b...
Very good

One of the most unique strains on the top shelf... with hints of vanilla, citris, pine, and berry. A Seattle exclusive, this 70/30 indica heavy is just that...heavy. "2x4 strong" as she's been described. Need help sleeping, eating, or just taking it down a few notches? Get yerself a bud of blue bastard!

Good, heavy, night time indica. Looks, smells, and tastes great. It hit me pretty hard, totally wiping out back pain that had been bothering me. The heavy onset put me off a little, but that blew over pretty fast, then I was just pain free and relaxed. I was at the computer, but did not feel that I had "couch lock". Still felt pretty functional. Eventually crashed, and was able to sleep deeply. Had a little bit of a headache...
Very good

This is a very good strain tastes good also especially through the vape!