Blue Alien

Blue Alien Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Great for nighttime. takes the stress away for me.

One of my favorite strains thus far. The high was more on the mind side rather than a body high, however, the body high was visible and helped to relax the body. I also liked how this strain changed perception and orientation. By far one of the best strains that you can usually find at your dispensary. Cheers and happy smoking! 🔥🍃😀
Very good

My husband loved this strain. Relaxing, gave him an appetite. He slept well and no anxiety. His fav.
Very good

This strain looks and smells amazing! Dark purple buds loaded with tricombs that grinds very easily. Gave me a calming sensation preparing me for the bed.
Very good

Great strain of weed I’d definitely tell everybody to try it it’s very smooth too 🔥
Very good

Blue Alien is a super heavy indica that definitely creeps up on you and hits you with a nice relaxing rush of euphoria which leads into a pure state of bliss.. A great evening strain and killer for insomnia patients.. The blueberry and grape flavors are distinct on this one and it hits very smooth.. I will warn all beginners and even novice smokers that this one will get you if you consume to much...
Very good

I really like alien OG so I was very excited to try blue alien and it did not disappoint. Dark and rich blueberry flavor with a fantastic sweet aftertaste. Full relaxation with a little bit of sleepiness. If you’re looking for an Indica this is about as good as they get. I’m looking forward to meeting the blue alien again sometime soon.
Very good

Just got some of this from Thrive Las Vegas. It's most definitely a new favorite. Deep rich blueberry flavor and a awesome full body high.
Very good

Love! I only smoke recreationally to enhance sexy times with dh and this makes things more intense, in a truly fabulous way, than other strains I've tried. Tastes good due to the blueberry parentage, smokier than most with a vape, and is definitely a buzzing body high that makes everything feel good. Afterwards I get snack hungry a little more than usual, but then sleep easy and deeply all night. Very much a favorite!
Very good

Shitcsnned. This is straight 🔥 - pax set up with the oil. Took a look drag and it was nap time 210. Peace to all in Vegas. Thanks you. Straight dank.