Blood Orange Kush

Blood Orange Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This is my go to when I have a blasting migraine. The kind of migraines that leave you in the fetal position, crying, no lights, no noise, even breathing hurts. I smoke a little of this and with in 30 min, most of my headache is lifted. It helps with the nausea, helps dull the pain and makes me so sleepy that I can sleep with out an ice pack on my head. Mine is home grown and I use it sparingly. Only for migraines, pms a...
Very good

As a daily regular user, it’s hard to really blow me away with anything new, but this one is one of the best new strains I’ve tried since super lemon haze. Head high and not and not a chair melter in the least. This is a rock picking, dog walking, swimming, golfing, etc high. Not that you need it to enjoy those things, but enhance them, for sure as my dog is licking himself right now. And he is. Cause he can. ...
Very good

Was a bit brown so I was hesitant, but smells like strong tangerine. Creeper for sure. I have a pretty low tolerance, but goes from warm body high to major couch lock. 10/10 especially during summertime.

While this strain would probably be great for those taking medication or have conditions which cause lack of appetite, I would not recommend this for someone looking to get high. The munchies with this strain is crazy!
Very good

Incredible tasting power tricomes to pack that punch
Very good

Great head high. Deep but with clarity. A delightful high.
Very good

So far this is the only strain I can think of that help with back pain and sleeplessness. I've only had it in pen concentrate form, but daggum!! Highly recommend for back ache and "overthinking".
Very good

This strain is incorrectly named. It should really be called One Hit Wonder. The effects are immediate and long lasting. This is a sipper with a bright sorta “spicy” feeling. There is definitely an energy to overall effect. My description isn’t doing it justice. One tip— after administering this strain...don’t make plans.
Very good

Relaxation is immediate! Mind blocking power! Cerebral tingling sensation as my body sticks to the chair!

Super relaxing. Great strain to smoke and then sit in pitch black. Awesome visuals. Great while falling asleep.