Blackwater Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Very good

What can I say? It is my first time ever vaping, therefore I am receiving this in concentrated form and not flower, mostly because I'll try anything once and it was a freebie for being a new patient! As for the vape? Pretty cool, but I'm an old school smoker and I will always go to my flower first so that being said, I will likely purchase this in flower next time. But that also being said because I didn't answer, this...

It's not her it's me. I have PTSD. And as much as I love how relaxed my body feels. I can't stand the paranoia on it. She makes me think about too much. If you struggle with being in your head too much and have PTSD. This isn't a strain for you. My suggestion is to take a pinch of it in your vape or your blunt. And smoke maybe two hits depending on how low of a tolerance you have for THC. You don't need a lot of this strain ...
Very good

This strain, in flower and concentrate is pure heaven. The taste reminds me of a combination between cotton candy and the smell of dew outside after a rainstorm. Both memories combine to give you a nostalgic feel without taking one hit yet. The nugs are soft and fluffy and smell extremely sweet. The smoke is smooth and tasty, With the Effects coming on fairly fast physically and you feel like you’ve been wrapped up in a wa...
Very good

Picked up an eighth in Colorado on vacation from Seed and Smith. One of the best I sampled. Helped with back pain, muscle spasms and insomnia, wouldn't hesitate to get this again.
Very good

Just opening the pop top to reveal Blackwater OG’s round, pine green, fluffy little buds excited me, and should excite you too. I’ve been fighting a cold all week and even my clogged nose could smell the earthy/berry blend wafting up through the holes of my grinder, even carried a bit of a woodsy scent for good measure. Blackwater’s sweet berry flavor intensifies in the first drags and you don’t need much from this strain ...
Very good

I know this strain can cause some serious drowsiness, but if you take it for pain or anxiety, it has a surprisingly clear headed high with an amazing body paralyzing high and yes...Couch lock for hours!

Took one bong rip of this last night before bed and before I realized it I was lying in bed but it felt like I was part of the bed. It was a very fun and melty high. If you have anything to do, don’t smoke this. If you want an amazing nights sleep, smoke up.
Very good

Just tried this strain for the first time on 08-27-2018, andblet me tell it's very good for anxiety and pain.
Very good

Yaaaaaaaaaas so good