Blackberry Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Great strain. The description is right on. Great for whenever you’re feeling blue. I like to vape this strain in the afternoon. Very relaxing and it tastes great. I recommend
Very good

This is one of those strains where you smoke it and get rush of happiness and euphoria. It takes me to the land of positivety and laughter. I recommend this for depression as it helps me with mine. Pretty good on pain (i have constant TMD pain in both my joints) and tastes delicious!!
Very good

Similar to Tahoe OG Kush. There was a pregnant Octopus in my brain.
Very good

this is a good strain for watching TV. The buds I got are a little harsh but that might be the way it was flushed. I wouldn't smoke this if I had things to do.
Very good

Fantastic strain. Description is spot on. Grabbed a bag at trubliss organics in az. Exactly what I wanted from this hybrid. For someone that works 80 hours a week, It’s a perfect anytime burn if your looking for a clean potent high.

The effects are pretty indica-dominant for me. Will give you a good head high, so much that I almost forgot that it’s a hybrid. Blackberry’s bud has a strong berry-like sweetness and with incredibly stiff meat.
Very good

As a person that is on the go go go, this is for you. Doesn't give me that couched feeling but a good head high that's for sure. Clears the anxiety for hours for me. Great night sleep too.
Very good

You can't go wrong when you get well grown BlackBerry. The buds look so delicious you just want to eat them like a bowl blackberries. High THC content and a smell that will spread through the entire house just by grinding some up. Nice balanced high, almost immediate head change after being smoked that melts into a nice buzzy body high.
Very good

Precisely as described here, it’s fruity, sticky, and nuggy. I feel happy and relaxed. No anxious feeling to speak of. No groggy lull. Just light and introspective.
Very good

This strain taste very good in oil