Blackberry x Blueberry

Blackberry x Blueberry Cannabis Strain

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Great taste smooth from the glass Great night time dank Wasn’t feeling no pain afterwards so it made the sore muscles 💪 feel better. Reminded me of “Hot Butta” N surprisingly it helped my appetite n put a grin on my face
Very good

Gold shelf from LivWell. I got an 1/8 from livwell n Cortez it's the only strain that cought my eye at the time. had to get a sample. the budtender was trying to give me the smaller popcorn nugs.. I had to get the big Betty nugs outta the stash. was good n taste. very Berry. but the bath at the time was too dry. I had to rehydrate with Integra Boost pack b4 I decided to enjoy. I don't think I be getting more.
Very good

Im usaully more of a satvia kinda a girl, BUT OMG NEW FAVORITE STRAIN, this is one of the best highs i have ever had, i am happy, and my body feels great, and im having a great time!

Picked an ounce of this up at LivWell for a whopping 59.99 before tax due to a sale and let me tell you... what a steal!! What makes this strain amazing is that, unlike some or most indicas, you can smoke it during the day (as long as you don't overdo it) and be totally alert and awake (but relaxed at the time) as long as you stay busy. However, the minute or 2 you spend sitting down could very possibly most likely make you ...
Very good

Very nice strain. Bought some in Trinidad, CO at Livwell. I felt relaxed but not sleepy, nice body high. Perfect for watching Rick and Morty reruns and snacking.
Very good

Great ! Beautiful looking buds with vibrant green and blue buds. Livwell is killing the game.
Very good

Wonderful for a movie night with friends. Keeps me mellowed out while still able to enjoy whatever I'm watching.
Very good

Cute tiny bids is what I got from LivWell. The perfect treat after an exam, or to relax after a very busy day. It had an interestingly sweet taste. I recommend cleaning your piece to get the full experience.
Very good

A very solid strain ! You have purple swirling around through light green hairs which are all blanketed heavy with white crystals. Has a natural sweet smell like actual berries and a bit of purgency. The taste is like a dried blueberry as is almost a perfect balance but leaning more towards the indica side. This is something you want to smoke when the moon is shining

Alright boys and girls strap in for the best god damn american filled, stoner infused , punkadelic review you've heard. First note here this strain is HEAVY INDICA and it don't play around. I burnt not 1 but 2 different sheets of 20 something pizza rolls while zombified on this late night. I do not suggest naps in between munchies because you will forget really fast. In the good aspect this strain is amazing for those with i...