Blackberry Cream

Blackberry Cream Cannabis Strain

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Very good

An amazingly heady high, very tasty and extremely stony
Very good

First time trying this strain and I’m in love with it. I was worried that it cause me to get paranoid but it didn’t!! It has a bit of a head high that calms your mind and a amazing body high that completely relaxes your body and didn’t cause me any anxiety. Definitely one of my new favourites
Very good

In Seattle, I’ve tried BC by 2 different growers. Top shelf and hydro empire. Top shelf’s on point. A lot of trich over mostly purple and few spots of green on big fat bushy nugs. Stinky hash berries and cream in aroma and taste. Long brown sprawling hairs all over. Sugar leafs are pretty big and numerous. Smoke is smooth and tasty with a brief decent cough. Effects are relaxed, happy, sedated, zoned, and munchies. I really ...
Very good

Ah yes. Blackberry Cream. Tonight is my first time trying this strain, (picking up a quad from the dispo) and I have a few things I would like to say. The minute my buddy opened up the bag, the room reeked. It reeked real good. This high is honestly one of the best I have ever experienced. I am extremely relaxed while at the same time feeling very social. Loading another bowl could possibly put me to sleep. These nug...
Very good

I’ve smoked this while mixed with other strains and ruins it. Smoked 1G in a Emerald white owl and had an amazing “trip type high” almost compatible to high grade Maui Waui/Blue Dream. Very positive and enjoyable!
Very good

Winberry makes the BEST Bcm I have ever tasted. It is the perfect relaxant for me. I love the flavor and smell. If I could only have one strain for the rest of my life, this would be it!
Very good

Holy Moly! It REALLY tastes like berries. It comes on slow with a body relaxing high. It is like a comforting hug from a giant teddy bear. Then comes the head high. There is nothing I can share to prepare you for what this strain brings to the table. A discussion on soap molds that are shaped like food, resulted in a midnight text about penis shaped soaps and real world hygienic uses. Tonight I hide the phone before I...

This is the very best appetite stimulant I have ever tried. My doctor gave 2 thumbs up for the amazing results. Thank Goddess for this lovely lady!
Very good

My all-time fave is Blackberry Kush so when I saw this at the shop and noticed the Cookies & Cream cross I had to give it a shot: fucking wow. Vaping this is amazing... you can taste the blackberry on the inhale and a subtle note of cream with the exhale. It's Aces in my book! I've got muscular dystrophy and there's not a day I'm not in pain. This one knocks it down from a 20 to a two. I wouldn't suggest this for novices or ...
Very good

Enjoyable enough but nothing to write home about unfortunately. I would say it does alleviate some pain but I didn’t find the same for depression.