Blackberry Bubble

Blackberry Bubble Cannabis Strain

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All around great strain! The buds are nice & dense! Look, taste & smell is amazing !!! Great for relaxing & mellow high !!!
Very good

Nailed it again Arizona Natural Selections. You're the only dispensary around creating awesome strains. Ones like Nuclear Cookies, urkle train haze, and now this one. The combination of 2 of my favorites was a genius idea. The taste is out of this world. get this before it's gone!

Tasty and unforgettable.
Very good

Great strain for pain, I keep it in flower and cartridge!
Very good

IT IS THE SOUL OF GOODNESS AND JOY AND IT MADE ME SO HAPPY I FELT LIKE I WAS GOING TO BURST! Seriously, I have never used an indica that behaved this way. It did not slow down my thinking, it was a very clearheaded strain. I felt like I was in a race car as I sat in front my PC, pouring over Leafly, wondering what the hell I had just vaped. The euphoria was more powerful than any I've experienced with indicas or sativas and...
Very good

Worked halfway descent for my back pain, but didn't seem to help the shooting pains. Was a relaxing treat though.
Very good

Such a fun relaxing strain, doesn't make me sleepy but helps ease pain and stress! I got it at AZ natural Selection and the buds looked amazing and smelled amazing. I love the high of this, relaxing, creative, and euphoric!
Very good

I recently purchased this strain made right here in Arizona. I live local made, but aside that I just smoked a bowl in my pipe and definetly feel euphoric and a very wavelike body high. Perfect indica for a chill Friday night!

This strain is pretty awesome. I went in looking for a good indica dominant hybrid and got exactly what I ordered. Great flavor and high!

Made me relaxed and tired when awake but but jumpy after I fell asleep- I awoke from a nice sleep every time the house creaked. Also had some negative thoughts. I think I'll keep looking for a nice sleep aid