Black Russian

Black Russian Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I love it my new favorite. So long lasting high just what I needed
Very good

The High is subjective and unique to everyone. It was like riding a train, or perhaps a bus, but it’s a familiar commute. Landmarks sweep past, and you’re into a book or bopping along to a song, Joe’s warm in your hand (go ahead, make it lewd). It’s like this, only softly intense. Black Russian, ironically felt by me considering the political climate, feels like home. No witch hunts please.

Makes me paranoid af...

Only indica that gives me anxiety
Very good

What the! What a pleasant kick your butt into an relax mode bud. Didn’t take much. Dig it. Peace
Very good

It has a decent taste and gave me a pretty good high,bought 2 grams of it, would definitely smoke again.

It had a bad taste via vaping. Relaxation was ok, but nothing to brag about.
Very good

Enjoyed everything about this one. I do wish the $30 Wax cartridges lasted longer than 2 days, hope to get my hands on some flower to make it stretch.
Very good

2 hits off a pipe or 1 bong rip and you are toast. Very long lasting, relaxation, sleepy effects. Definitely a night time strain or the weekend...

Two words: horse tranquilizer. Fantastic for sleep.