Black Domina

Black Domina Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This strain gave me a really relaxed feeling and a couch lock. I also had a few naps during the effect. You get very calm. This is the only strain that I got paranoid/anxious from. Overall nice strain that makes you relaxed.
Very good

In college my roommate and i smokes this for a good much because it was the only one we could get our hands on and we lived in dorm rooms, we had a dining hall and every single day for a month we would be in the dining hall eating grilled cheese and cereal for at least 2 hours just people watching. by the end of that month every cook in the sand which section would start making grilled cheese the moment they saw us walk in. ...
Very good

This shit is amazing
Very good

Très variété au fort pouvoir narcotique, parfaite pour calmer les spasmes musculaires, aide à garde un sommeil plus réparateur. Elle as aussi un bon High euphorique. Recommander pour un usage thérapeutique et récréatif.
Very good

Tingly euphoric waves upon waves of high school high giggles and fucking amazing sex this strain is the bomb diggity!!!
Very good

According to me this an excellent strain to stay quiet and very alright as well by the stone than by the taste sustain. I love to be totally wrap into the mellow and joyful stone effect she provides in every human brains. The taste is pungent as well and the sour flavour is delightful like maybe the Sour Widow which pull the inhaler in good condition too. To bring the way to feel the best vibe of mother MaryJane.

Very smooth. Melted my severe anxiety and pain away. Really awesome strain
Very good

Very powerful indica. Pure indica. You get no head High at all it’s almost like it’s a narcotic. Great for night use and all around lounging. Don’t expect too do much after using Black D.
Very good

I got it as a special from a dispensary in BC, it was good but it wasn't great which was to be expected because it's price was $120/oz. I only vape and with Black Domina I got a sufficient level of pain relief and duration that was strong enough to be overpowering if I vaped a whole .2g but I would often just pack my vape and hit it about 9 - 11 times at 385° which was enough to last a nightly toke session followed by a wake...

Happy uplifting high that make you feel super relax and Great. Makes you're muscle relaxed. 4.5/5