Black Afghan

Black Afghan Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Very Strong Aroma . Heavy but Smooth , gets you relaxed;Will have your appetite jumping .

Great weed for a cookout. Induces laughter and cheeburger cheeburger munchies.
Very good

One of the strongest, heavy-handed, euphoric strains I've encountered, even as a Cali native. Usually grown in boutique batches and a descendent of Sensi Seeds and their white label subsidiary, it is a hybrid with the infamous Black Domina and hard to find Afghan Kush - the most resinous of all afghani landraces. Acquired from a celebrated grower in San Diego with a documented lab reports showing THC levels above 26 percent ...
Very good

I have a very select process of grading different strains of M.J. based on myrcene,terpines etc. and found myself having a very hard time deciding 4 or 5 stars.What an amazing indica strain that is very euphoric and cerebral taking all body aches and pains away.Plus a truly old school "stoned" head high that pairs really nicely together.I passed this strain up many,many times because i traditionally like hybrids and tend to ...
Very good

This is a great strain, taste is good. High is fantastic!
Very good

Great relaxing strain. Solid body effects, definitely noticed decreased pain. Also good for a wonderful nights rest; definitely puts you in a peaceful & calm relaxed state of being. Insomnia sufferers can benefit from this strains mellowing effects.
Very good

This is one for the indica lovers. It has a really euphoric, sedating high that will knock you out given enough time.
Very good

Strong narcotic type indica :) Amazing for pain
Very good

I am a recreational user. I chose this strain because I heard it was good for insomnia. The gram I picked up had 23% thc. I vaped this at 365 degrees. The effects are a heavily sedated body high. At first, my mind is mush and I feel kind of disoriented. There is a mild euphoria. My second go around with this strain gave me slight paranoia until the high peaked. I felt like this is a pretty social strain if you are staying...

3.5 Star. It tastes like most others when you volcano it. Relaxing night time buzz. Great for overthinkers. This was grown by Desert Grown Farms.