Bio-Diesel Cannabis Strain

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Very good

The taste is indescribable. So unique and so good. The effects were on the sativa which is the know nd is hybrids I prefer.
Very good

A very creative, idea inspiring high. Great for problem solving and artistic endeavors. Not a bad sex weed either.
Very good

By far on the top #5 for best weed I’ve had, it’s an amazing hybrid making me giggly one moment and then sleepy the next and I loved all 15 grams of it 😍❤️ definitely one you can’t mistake for anything else
Very good

Fuck me. Took a 1 1/4. Fucked me up. I’m shaking. It’s very very good.
Very good

Starts off super intense cerebral wise but evens out into a very enjoyable relaxed high. Tastes wonderful as well.
Very good

Super strong. It will knock you out your socks or cement you in one spot for a long time. Either way, this is a potent painkiller.

Pleasant taste and feel. Definitely not an overpowering sativa. Excellent for all day use. Surprising to find a sativa-dom good for nausea. Highly recommend.
Very good

Very strong diverse smells. Fruity, tropical, diesel with an underlying skunk smell. It’s honestly very hard to pinpoint a specific scent, as it is one of those strains that just overpowers the senses. And when you smoke it, it leaves you with that same taste in your mouth. It is very pleasant. Especially when vaporized. After I medicated I noticed a very heavy sensation in my eyes and head. Like a slight pressure in my f...
Very good

is one of the best I didn't get much but didn't disappoint

I think this would be good for someone with a built up tolerance, but not super tolerant. Really enjoy for the whole day to relax. I like this strain for getting semi-high but not stoned, and then doing work. Makes it more enjoyable.