Big White

Big White Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Excellent Indica. Relaxing, yet uplifting. Tastes sweet and a bit fruity. Smooth smoke.
Very good

Tasted strongly of flower. Mellow and calm high, helps with anxiety and sleep.

leaving another review because Iv noticed that it doesn't have the same effect as when I first tried it. It's not very strong and the high does not last long . I'm actually not sure if I would buy this again , I like high THC and this isn't quite enough me.
Very good

really good. like this alot
Very good

Big White massages my body and does not go in to my head. A small amount goes a long way. I meditate for 30 minutes after taking one drag and then go in to a deep sleep. Big White has induced strange and vivid visualization during meditation when I have had too much. I will continue working with this strain, specifically with the paranoia that sweeps in at times. This is good for my meditations because I like to work with di...
Very good

This is my nite-time fav!Indica-ideal!Assists with muscle spasms,chronic pain,insomnia,anxiety.Inhale and float down stream!...zzzzz...
Very good

Amazing strain and helps with my plantar fasciitis.
Very good

this right here this right here i 💘

Probably best on reserve for severe nausea or lack of appetite...this strain will make me EAT like there's no tomorrow.

This Indica I received from Bloom. I remember not liking the feel of coming off of it and was scared to try it again. I have since stayed close to the High CBD and low THC strains in hopes that I can dispell the feelings I don't like such as paranoia and dizzy. upon receiving education I realized that the saying "everything in moderation" hold very true for this. 2 small puffs from a preroll and my pain was taken away swiftl...