Big Bang

Big Bang Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Ripped it twice, fell asleep at 10:30, woke up at 9 after the most beautiful sleep I've had all summer. I was an hour and a half late for work but it was completely worth it.

Great strain, nice sweet taste. very relaxing and euphoric. Awesome in the evening

such a high energy strain, i loved it. made me super happy, light, and uplifted. immediately took away any headaches or cramps. highly recommend

Not cerebral and hardly any munchies. Big Bang is a laid back, relaxed high. Contentment coupled with sleepiness. Fairly average, though could just be the batch.

Good strain, very physical. Great for pain or sleep.
Very good

Its the best I have smoked in a while! Great stuff. Keep it up.
Very good

Takes a little more to get high. Lower quality for lower price. Still a very nice high
Very good

Superb strain. Fast hitter, makes you lie down and then your body starts feeling light AF also it has a clear minded high, 0 paranoia. Recommended!!
Very good

Don't get fooled by the name... This is just a good strain but not excellent. Unless you fuck alot with indicas, maybe that way you'll appreciate Big Bang more than I did. Good flavor, friendly with throat it doesn't burn your throat at all. Medium High, not the greatest of all but still very relaxing and stressless. You can get paranoid at times too... Not very smelly nor skunky... it smells sweet and tastes like some ...
Very good

Gets a 5 because it made me throw up... dizziness and giggles come while smoking and this strain is certainly a cougher ... after you finish the joint you get sudden couch lock followed by munchies and the. tiredness sets in allowing for a great nights sleep with this strain