BC Sweet Tooth

BC Sweet Tooth Cannabis Strain


What is BC Sweet Tooth

BC Bud Depot from British Columbia developed BC Sweet Tooth an indica dominant hybrid which has a name for a quick budding time along with the sweet taste. The hardy little plant will please you by growing outside and budding in  under 7 weeks,However it prefers to grow inside and will bud in 6 weeks. The early generation crossing of BC Sweet Tooth and the classic Sweet Tooth provide tasty sugary buds that will satisfy anyones sweet cravings. The crystalline buds provide strong sweet smells of citrus and a long lasting effect that hits very quickly.

BC Sweet Tooth Effect And Attributes

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Uplifted (100%)
Happy (86%)
Sleepy (86%)
Creative (71%)
Euphoric (71%)
Sweet (100%)
Honey (50%)
Grape (33%)
Berry (33%)
Flowery (33%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Dry Eyes (80%)
Headache (60%)
Paranoid (40%)
Dizzy (20%)

BC Sweet Tooth Flavors

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