Batman OG

Batman OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Holy smokes my guy, I have a high tolerance but this whooped my butt. Absolutely love it.
Very good

Wow. Had this last night for bedtime use and after several hits, it was time for sleep! I have really bad insomnia, but batman kicked its a$. No bad dreams either!
Very good

This is one seriously heavy, hard-hitting indica. I have a high tolerance but one moderate size bowl of Batman OG sent me into a blissful, zoned out, almost trance-like haze for at least an hour. After that it settled into a smooth but strong indica high for another 90 minutes or so. Highly recommended but only for those looking for a very heavy-bodied and very heavy-headed experience.
Very good

This bad boy will knock you down. It's an extremely potent strain that gives you a mind-numbing, zombie trance inducing stone. I only gave 4 stars because I don't prefer this kind of high, but if its what you want, you'll be one happy customer. Crystals everywhere, and even vaping it messed my lungs up. Sucks my memory and sense of punctuality. I would recommend with some food, a warm home, and a movie.
Very good

It's the old school taste from back in the days 12 years ago. Full skunk and full bouquet in taste and flavor.
Very good

Top shelf expensive AF @ 20$ a gram but it wasn't on top shelf for any reason. If you imagine yourself being batman or Robin (in costume or out) I wouldn't be surprised such a strong high I wish I had some now to mix in with my mid grade stuff. Had to write a review b/c it was super loud like a dub-step concert. I got a gram a week or two ago. *****(5)

Gorgeous Strain potent and self explanatory. One of my favorites

such a good good indica. I love this. great body high. great smoke in general. flower smells so good and it has a nice skunky smell. totally love this flower.
Very good

Super fun to smoke with good friends. Lots of laughs, hits you hard!
Very good

Another great strain to help you wind down at the end of the day. 4 stars just because it did get me relaxed and hungry, but not sleepy enough. This Packs a Punch, if ur not a regular or novice user,so be Warned.