Banana Split

Banana Split Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Moderate dose gives me a good high that’s right in between indica and sativa. Truly a hybrid. Heavy dose makes me pretty sleepy and will have me feeling groggy the day after. The indica effects are much more dominant when using a heavier dose

BANANA SPLIT BY LUNA AURORA opened my sealed jar excited to smell fruity, flowery potent weed, instead it smelt like walking into a barn that is hang drying standard outdoor. Not a pleasant smell. earthy, floral, hay like smell. The taste was ok... It tasted better than it smelt that's for sure but it wasn't banana or fruity in anyway. just typical floral, earthy toke. The Buds were pretty sad looking too lol.. fairly thi...
Very good

This strain is a great day time smoke for it's a very clear headed happy high and very cerebral feeling ..the taste is off the chain..on the inhale it's taste is smooth,but the exhale is where all the flavor of tangie and cream comes alive and is just plain tasty
Very good

Great smooth high. Good for a talkative or productive high while giving a bit of a giggle and euphoric feel.
Very good

Banana Split is definitely a beginner's strain, made by Aurura with a THC level of 15.2%. Best way to describe the overall experience from this Satival leaning Hybrid was "Gentle". It had a mild and almost subdued tropical / banana flavor. The initial euphoria gently eased in without fanfare. I noticed a slight uplift in my mood and maintained a clear head - I could easily focus on any task. If you want a bit more punch...

Good loud very fruty
Very good

Nana indica brand : Aurora Varietry : Banana split Really good buzz, a nice chiller but can also be upbeat at the same time. Good earthy taste and well puff. Recommendend it !
Very good

Great body stone with hard to deny happy feelings. Has a 2nd kick that’s different than the initial high, more physically euphoric.

very tasty, and pleasant high. but I feel like it gives me a groggy weed hangover and headache the next day.

I have chronic fatigue, joint pain and anxiety, and this knocked them all out. My muscles relaxed, and I almost felt like I got physically larger, I became so energized and confident.