Bakerstreet Cannabis Strain

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Very good

It’s nice and dank! It does make me anxious/panicky with too much. It helps with pain but it’s true calling is sleep. At times it can cause some thinky sadness and a few times had full-on panic attack from too much. If you suffer from depression, don’t use when affected. When vaping for bed I will add some pure cbd medical cannabis to the mix. It helps with effectiveness and THC induced anxiety/panic reduction.
Very good

I order the milled, personally, because I need immediate access as this my go-to stain during asthma attacks. greatly lowers stress and anxiety, helps relax, and has lowered my needed use of other bronchodilators.
Very good

It's truly pure indica perfect for insomniacs. Don't believe the insomnia barely there line, it will make you sleepy. Not a fan of the very earthy taste, quite overpowering and doesn't make the best tasting joints. This is gonna be a bong/recycler type of strain.
Very good

Love bakerstreet. I have been with tweed for 3 years now. Bakerstreet is my go to. It works for my backpain and my anxiety at the same time. Would HIGHly recommend this strain.
Very good

When I started using tweed in October 2016, this strain was a game changer for me, with a major reduction in muscle tightness (reduction and prevention), pain relief, as well as sedative effects. A good mellow feeling. So after waiting for MONTHS for new stock at Tweed, I bought 40 grams before realizing the THC had dropped 10%, I didn't think the drop from 28 to 18 would be that big of a deal, but it was. It's still good, ...
Very good

Unexpected notes of cheese... the sandalwood smell and earthy notes are also there. THC 18.8 From Tweed. I had no issues with delivery. It vapes really good. Nice head buzz and pain distraction.

This is a great strain for chronic pain and sleep.Highly recommend for people with Chronic pain issues and insomnia.
Very good

Great daytime strain.

I ordered this strain from an Lp and I thought that it would be great for pain . Budtender basically a picked myself a good one. I receive it packaging is great and I love to see the logistics awesome job there and get a card with all medical info on it .Now this stuff looked pretty good , taste good but no feeling and it's supposed to kill pain but instead I suffer for 3 days with nothing! I do not recommend to anyone....

Bakerstreet Is a fairly powerful indica. As much as I love the effects of this strain, it smells and tastes awful which makes it hard to smoke. When I smoked this strain, I got very emotional and felt somewhat lonely. I recommend Bakerstreet if your going to see a movie, it brings out the emotion in the characters. Good strain, not great