Appleberry Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Vaped this after a long & painful day at work. Day was hot & grossly humid. Got some Taco Bell at night. Saw my next door neighbor smoking something good next door & asked if he had any to share, & he gave me this baby. Went inside to eat. Put on my fave YouTubers (FunHaus). Sat down & took a few hits. Immediately tasted apples & berries! Shit tasted so good that I took a few big boy hits by accident lol. Ate all my Taco ...
Very good

I’ve been smoking this strain for about a week now as a post work ritual. Excellent if you have nothing to do for an afternoon. Bad if you promised your kids that you were going to make ice cream, so you speed smoke the blunt and figure out how to get ice cream delivered. It was a success!
Very good

Tastes like apple with a hint of blueberries. It’s such a sweet strain and it feels good in my throat. Oddly makes me really aroused and had the best sex with this strain. It’s calming so it didn’t get me paranoid as I expected it too and I had more control of myself. Usually hate indica because it really does lock me to my bed but this mellows down my depression but can also manage to make me feel giggly.
Very good

It gets me high in about ten minutes, and effects are like hour and half long. It has pretty nice sweet- berry taste and smell. Effects of this strain are sleepiness and relaxation, just little paranoid. I’d give it five stars of five.
Very good

I'm first trying this in a 1g cartridge (Irie Roots) and the taste is right on, like a berry mix, no hint of apple though. It is very relaxing, heavy but not on the same level as a Bubba Kush or True OG. Great for relaxing on the couch and binge watching your favorite show.
Very good

At first, I felt very relaxed and my mind and muscles were calming down. And then I just enjoyed no stress and happy mind. I have grown it outdoor, and it's like two meters tall. It has nice looking blossoms. Very nice berry smell.
Very good

Very mellow high, full on body effects and has an amazing couch lock feeling gets your appetite up and relaxes your muscles
Very good

Appleberry helped me to relax my entire body, also made me very sleepy. It was a good smoke for my anxiety, and had a very unique taste I really enjoyed it. Was also decent for chronic pain relief.
Very good

vape- burns quick, tastes good and mellow chill high. Bowl- on stuck at times but still mellow.