Anubis Cannabis Strain

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Very good

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Very good

This strain have really relaxing effect. Taste like grape and lime. Smell like sweet orange. One of my favourite strain. I try it in gravitty bong, pyrex, pipe and glass tube.

One of the easiest strains to grow. In a tiny pot, my Anubis grows easily 3 feet tall indoors. The flavor is fruity and the high is, for my grow, full body. With the little but of CBD this strain has the relaxing feeling lasts hours. This has now become my favorite strain. I'm glad I grow it since dispensaries don't seem to know about this strain. I'm a sufferer of PTSD and my pain and anxiety seem to vanish with Anubis! You...
Very good

This 80/20 Indica is easy to grow and easier to smoke! super fruity smell and taste. one plant smells and tastes like mangos while another like lemons. It makes pain and stress go away fast. The munchies hit hard with this one...
Very good

Crazy potent almost instantly makes your head hit the pillow in any situation. Very strong indica that makes you not able to move. Stronger than any other strain out there if you want to go to bed. Another thing about this bud is it is so sticky you feel like you stuck your fingers in a jar of glue. Highly recommended strain to anyone that is experienced.

I smoked ot out of a bong. nice flavor and smell. I mostly got a body high with a small amount of head high, id say maybe B80%/H20%. nice and relaxing. best at night I'd say. definetly one of my favorite indicas.
Very good

Anubis was super chill and perfect for winding down the night. The aches and pains of the day felt alleviated and I still felt lucid enough to take care of myself before going to bed. Music was also an extra euphoric experience with Anubis.