Anesthesia Cannabis Strain


What is Anesthesia

Afghan Skunk Indica and Herojuana produced the amazing Anesthesia.  Breeder Whazzup created it in 2007 to help keep the Afghani Skunk strain continuing by ways other than cutting from another plant. Sannie's Seeds a Dutch seed company selected Anesthesia as a Breeders Choice this has helped spread the popularity and availability.These plants grow closer to the ground and spread wider than growing tall, they bud around the 9-10 week. These amazing buds are covered in dense crystals with an earthy, musky smell common to its Afghan roots. Like its name provokes Anesthesia is perfect for pain  with it's strong sedative Indica delivery.

Anesthesia Effect And Attributes

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Sleepy (100%)
Relaxed (77%)
Hungry (69%)
Euphoric (69%)
Happy (54%)
Earthy (100%)
Skunk (33%)
Pungent (33%)
Sweet (33%)
Woody (17%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Dry Eyes (80%)
Dizzy (60%)
Paranoid (50%)
Headache (20%)

Anesthesia Flavors

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