Amnesia Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Variedad peligrosa que puede superarte facilmente si no tienes mucha tolerancia. Con dos caladas me dejó bastante animado, disfrutando de la musica y energético. Sin embargo, con tres caladas la cosa se volvió algo más oscura, con algo de paranoia y muy encerrado en mis pensamientos. Creo que es una variedad social para disfrutar con cabeza.
Very good

Definitely a strain you'd want to smoke in the evening. it will put you on your butt if its a good batch.
Very good

Very intense. Almost trip like. Lives up to the description Leafly gives. Tastes a bit like shit though. Earthy and just shitty. U.K. ammi isn’t great lol. But it does the job. Very strong. I’m not a fan of sativa but now I’m just over a year smoking and I can handle them quite well now. I have begun to enjoy this strain. If you dislike it’s probably due to its intensity and creeping high that hits hard. Easy to get a...
Very good

I had the pleasure growing this strain myself. it was the frostiest little flower I seen in person. The sweet pleasant smell of citrus with a nice earthy tail end. It was a nice smooth hit that had me giggling in no time. I was able to pay attention and hold a sensible conversation. Great daytime bud with no slouchy aftermath. 5/5
Very good

Wow man, had some 9ish, I’m still fucking stoned now at 01:42 - at first I was so deeply stoned, it was so thick and heavy...after 40 mins or so I just started to drop down in to a normal stoned high from being in outer space. Made my body twitch where it was trying to take me under as I smoked a blunt. Now I’m tired as hell. Nice and relaxed but maybe a tad heavy. Regretting buying a henry now.
Very good

perfect meadow for the one seeking
Very good

One of my favs. I actually vape this and it’s perfect for vaping. I’ve only been smoking steadily for a few months but this is my go to during the day. 2 hits max off the vape and I’m an anxious free human being. I get super happy and talkative on this. Art is my trade to and I love that the high from amnesia is enough to get creativity flowing- get all the colors to pop, with just enough euphoria you’re in a dream but not e...

I'm an indica fan. This doesn't do much for me. But I live in the rubbish UK so don't have a choice unfortunately.
Very good

Talkative with major chill

The most common strain I find in London, if you have it pure its decent but otherwise its a bit shite