Alpine Star

Alpine Star Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This strain puts me in a very analytical state. Great for writing. Good head high and puts me very aware of my surroundings; aware to the point where I panic at some moments. Pretty psychedelic actually. Smoking some right now... and that's my experience with Alpine OG.

Relaxing high, smooth come down. Not the best in the west, but a high-tier mid grade.
Very good

When you open the bag of this super potent strain you are hit immediately with a piney lemony zest smell! Without a doubt you know you hit the jackpot. Grinding is best sonce the strand is super sticky and will leave your fingers sticky as well! Loosely roll your blunt for a better smoke intake with a nice and slow burn. One of the few strands that completely gets rid of my right shoulder pain and that is why this baby gets ...
Very good

Relaxing, mind and body. I was Nauseous and it took that away. Very tasty you only need to use a little bit and it goes a long way definitely stimulates the mind it’s much more body and mind relaxing Than it is psychoactive

I'm watching Halloween III on it and I love it.

mediocre strain. I'll stick with gg from now on.

This is a good strain for going to sleep, knocked me right out don't smoke it if you got things to do.

Super underrated strain. Nice piney aroma. Great flavor. Kills anxiety! Good, clean high.
Very good

Took a couple dabs of this strain earlier today and it's a nice relaxed high, really good for anxiety

Great for melting away stress and my anxiety. Nice little lift for any depression you may have too. My one and only strain due to near zero negatives. ShowGrow Santa Ana best selection.