Allkush Cannabis Strain

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What is Allkush

The 2005 Highlife Cannabis Cup winner Allkush has a hashy blend and is bred by Paradise Seeds from Amsterdam. The buds come from the Pakistan Afghanistan border trail often called the "hippy trail."  This strain provides a resinous 80/20 indica strain that soothes the consumer without locking them into the big couch.The patient that is looking for relief from anxiety, depression or sleeping disorders will welcome the use of Allkush.

Allkush Effect And Attributes

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Relaxed (100%)
Happy (75%)
Sleepy (75%)
Uplifted (50%)
Euphoric (25%)
Honey (100%)
Spicy/Herbal (75%)
Earthy (25%)
Pepper (25%)
Sweet (25%)
Dry Eyes (100%)

Allkush Flavors

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