Allen Wrench

Allen Wrench Cannabis Strain

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love the sweet taste.. such a bubbly head high. my boyfriend and I smoked one bowl of this baby and we got the munchies out and watched out favorite movies.

this strain enhances my moods if i am angry it keeps me there and will make it worse
Very good

Great high.. but you're still very active.

Everything a sativa should be.
Very good

fun and silly and creative! woody/earthy but also a lil fruity. loved it!!
Very good

Fast hitting. Great to relax but also works great while working. Doesn't make you lethargic
Very good

Perfect wake and bake. I have a lot of migraines and back and shoulder pain - this strain took all of that away and made my day 10× better.
Very good

This is an incredible "get shit done" strain. It rewards you with great levels of focus and creativity and are really helpful for add. Helped me read and take notes for HOURS
Very good

definitely one of my favorites. A few eighths of this in conjunction with a few other cannabis products made a really great year for me! found it off foster in se fopo pdx and wish I could have bought the place out of this strain. 3 pipe hits for mild stoney affect 5 hits for complete "staring at the wind" stoned. ideal for mid afternoon use or evening post-shower.
Very good

Very up high on this one. I should be far more hungover this Saturday morning, but the ol' Wrench is apparently getting to work. Nice pep-up with this business; excellent to listen to music with, and just, in the words of Althea and Donna, Uptown Top Ranking. Got a lot of cleaning/dancing done, an activity it not only enables, but encourages. This one is a recommend if you can find it. Very strong, so be warned. You don't wa...