Alien Technology

Alien Technology Cannabis Strain

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This is a good indica, relaxing without being debilitating so you can still focus. I wasn't a fan of the harsh, petrol-like aftertaste but that's just a personal preference. The buds looked great, light green, fluffy and with a nice sprinkling of orange stigmas.
Very good

Great smell. Solid nugs. Sweet flavors, notes of caramel. Effects set in relatively quickly, overall one I look forward to again.
Very good

I’m no sativa diva. I use indicas on a regular basis. After picking up this strain from my “local” farm my fiancé was a little frustrated cause I would pass out within 30 minutes of smoking a bowl, didn’t realize it was the Alien Tech 👽 until the 4th day. Realized I needed a different strain to be productive and make it past 8oclock. Definitely recommend if you have pain (I suffer from nerve damage) and need to get a good ...
Very good

It can be explained in a few simple words. Great taste and and the most relaxing high. All you need for the best indica!

Buds are super keefy, has a very herbal wood like aroma, tastes pretty good and definitely has a nice relaxing high, but not so strong that you can't go about your daily activities. Can't go wrong with this strain if you like a stimulating body high
Very good

Usually a sativa guy but a good evening indica never hurts. Comes on smooth and strong. Distinct smell. Lasts a looooong time. A good non-couchlock indica.
Very good

Picked up a 1gram MEDI VapeRX of this strain with really hogh hopes as the container said 79.27% THC and really high levels of THCA and CBD... The smoke i usually buy ranges from 18 to 30% so I was really excited about these high percentages. overall I can't say that I didn't get high because I got stoned but it took about six or seven hits off my vape pen, definitely not worth the $50 a g,
Very good

a fairly smooth lighter hitting Afghani indica strain compared to many others. a very good day time indica. budz were of medium density and very shiny gold with hints of purple here and there. very smooth on the lungs for an Indica. very nice pain relief for the day without being couchlocked. taste was skunky with an earthy and incense smell and taste. give it a try if you like indica and smoking during the day. almost remin...
Very good

Beautiful, light green and fluffy buds..this flower is uplifting and quite euphoric for an indica, but relaxing at the same time. It has a woody/faint nag champa aroma.
Very good

Think i got this at the green place in amsterdam had to buy because of the name was quite harsh tasting but got me baked