Alien OG

Alien OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I created an account just so I could proclaim how amazingly good this strain is. First off, this shit is fire AF. Just a single well-packed bong bowl will send you from a [0] to a [9] or [10] by itself. It has a lemon/pine/earthy/skunky smell to it. It also takes a good minute to fully hit you. I may smoke it and not feel anything for up to 5 minutes. After 10 minutes, though, oh man... You can get as high as you would off...
Very good

laid back. high thc content!
Very good

Nice lemony smell, sweet tokin' on this one for real.. top shelf hybrid
Very good

This stuff is tasty! By far my favorite strain, this and blue alien (alien crossed with blueberry). This is a super potent bud but doesn't give me the anxiety that other super potent occasionally give me. This is a perfect choice for those like me who struggles with depression.
Very good

good shit
Very good

it's very relaxing.
Very good

This strain is absolutely top of the line. The high from this might be the most enjoyable high I've ever had. It's perfect to just bliss out and listen to music, but it's also fantastic for working (as a writer, it's great for me). I just adore Alien OG. It's my go-to, and it just makes me so happy but so functional all at once.
Very good

This strain is absolutely amazing. After a small dab, I felt like I was blasted into lower earth orbit. 5 minutes later, I was gaining speed an exiting orbit with earth. 10 minutes after that, and I am being sent through a wormhole. Buzzing all over and weird waves of static are engulfing me.
Very good

I’m not your typical pot head. But this weed has allowed me to enjoy a high without getting too high. Usually I experience anxiety when I smoke, not with Alien OG. It was so fun, I did some yoga with my boyfriend and just was so relaxed. 10/10 would recommend