Alien Kush

Alien Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This stuff is strong (and I smoke or vape daily) but one of the most beautiful strains I've had. Alien Kush has made for some amazing evenings. It starts as a nice head high. I usually hang out outside a little bit first, listen to the birds and enjoy the breeze. Then I go inside and watch something exciting (last night it was Avengers Infinity War) because Alien Kush makes it even more exciting. By the end of the movie, I'v...

Very potent head and body high. Tasted awful, like burning plastic. Purchased from Cannoisseur Connection in Ann Arbor
Very good

Really good, always does its job will get again :)
Very good

little harsh on the throat, but i feel so relaxed and calm.
Very good

This is the bomb. If I had this shot in the 70s, I’d never have graduated from college. The best way to describe this is that it makes me feel like I’m in a cartoon. Best high I have ever had. No couch lock, though I do have an overwhelming urge to watch Rick and Morty stoned. 😎
Very good

Very piney, which we love. Nice high that isn’t noticeable at first.. and then BAM. It gets you. Would smoke again for sure!
Very good

This strain is nice tasting and seems to be smooth. After a little bit you feel the pain go away and goodbye to stress. This one is def one of my favorite.

A good indica not great imo. effects are relaxing but not couch lock

Known as alien bubba kush in Illinois. This is an extremely heavy hitter , coming in at 30.5 % THC . I used it after after having a seizure. I had such a headache , one gram in I was completely knocked out and slept for 12+ hours peacefully. This is one of the strongest strains available in Illinois and def one of the best
Very good

I got this in shatter form from my local dispensary was 88.93 % thc , it had a very pleasant taste and a very nice buzz and I don't know why but I was thinking of the smell of dandelions. Also I had to look up how to spell a couple of words which normally I never have a problem with