Alien Dawg

Alien Dawg Cannabis Strain

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Very good

relaxed, happy, horny, creative
Very good

More of a Sativa than Indica. Very energizing.
Very good

This strain completely got rid of my anxiety. I would take a couple puffs before meetings and social situations and It mellowed me out and made me social.
Very good

Cozy indica with the Afghani taste I told my friend right after I'm in love with the kush.
Very good

Absolutely love this strain. The high is super mellow and like a smooth sailboat ride through a jungle. Definitely have a nice fruit beverage with you as I find flavours of food become much more vivid. I hope everyone enjoys this strain!
Very good

Love this strain. Hard hitting initial high. Calming, couch lock. Last for a solid 3 hours. Great for watching movies, listening to music. Very stimulating visual and audio effects. I notice everything in greater detail. Vivid colors, and intense musical interpretations. Happy the entire time. One of the more enjoyable strains. Inhale was smooth and very earthy...dirty, similar to GG#4. Took only a small amount to get high, ...
Very good

The one I tried was THC 21.69 and CBD 0.07. A relaxing Indica -with a unique mood.
Very good

Relaxing but not mind numbing.
Very good

10/10 no paranoia, super relaxed
Very good

Alien Dawg is one of my go tos when I want to zone out and watch/look at cool shit. It's a good bud if you want to brainstorm, but good luck letting your thoughts out because this stuff can make it hard to speak.