Alien Bubba

Alien Bubba Cannabis Strain

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Shatter from ilera

Big fan. Really good indica.This and bio-jesus are my two mainstays. Cresco doing some nice things. Coming in around 29%.
Very good

Could only acquire a gram and was pleasantly surprised. I thought when I smelled it from the bottle it was kind of citrusy and coffeelike to me. I vaped with it and it was as smooth as can be. Hoping I am going to get a good nights sleep 🙏 As James Brown said, “I feel good!”
Very good

This is my ALL-TIME favorite strain of every one that I've tried so far. it is a VERY strong indica, great for vaping before bed to relax your mind and body and to make you tired. It tastes amazing and is wonderful for anyone with anxiety, depression, and/or insomnia.
Very good

Had this in flower and a 510 cartridge from Cresco. Heavy hitting and strong smoke.Could really see the katsu bubba influence in the bottom purple-striped calyxes of each bud. Bubba also powers through in the taste. Perfectly dried and cured. 4 huge buds in an eighth
Very good

Alien bubba - went in very stressed and not too happy. This instantly toon stress mostly away and relaxed my mind a lot. It also sat my butt down! Seems to also attack my headache as well. Similar to the flower I’m getting waves of euphoria and happiness along with a body relaxation that is almost GG4 Esque how it holds u down 😂 Very interesting peppery and planty taste which wasn’t bad at all and surprisingly even at 70% ...
Very good

I entirely smoke the cartlidges now, I tried the cresco brand..1 of my favorite brands & I was very pleased with the Sense of calmness Alien bubba brought..the taste is awesome & this is definitely a favorite! 😁
Very good

A potent strain to be sure. Put me in outer space, or maybe it was inner space. Relaxed, floaty, and thinky. Is that a word? I don't think so, but try some Alien Bubba and you'll know what I mean. It has a nice lavender flavor. Didn't seem to provide as many hits or as much vapor as some other strains, this is what is keeping it from 5 stars.
Very good

Heavy Hitter! One of the more potent strains out of all the dry leaf strains I’ve tried so far from the PA dispensaries. It feels like hands massaging your brain while your body falls into a deep state of relaxation

I am not sure all the hype on this strain, but then again we are all different. I suffer Major Depressive order, generalized anxiety & PTSD. my biggest grief with this strain is, it leaves me agitated. As for flavor, I get a light dry, green/earth flavor. just not a winner for me, and with so many strains to choose from, I will continue my journey, leaving this one behind. Happy Highs!