AK-47 Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I had an amazing first experience with this strain, really loved the smell and the way it melted all my problems and pain away Look: Frosty little nugs with tiny orange hairs poking out Smell: Pine, and like a sweet woody smell Taste: Mainly of pine throughout the tokes Effects: Extremely relaxed and mellow, feeling creative and adventurous, euphoric and very awake

I bought this strain from Hexo and I was really disapointed. It makes me cough more than all the other products available. It has a bad taste and I get headaches with it. This product of The Hydropothecary (Hexo) is clearly overpriced compared to any Canopy Growth product of a similar price.

i feel nostalgia. / it's been a while. how are you? / older's been better.
Very good

its like... woahh mannn

Happy, chill
Very good

Amazing sativa strain, in normally an indica or indica leaning hybrids but been dabbling in sativas to find a non anxious or anxiety induced strain which I definitely found in ak47. It extremely euphoric and just gives you an extra pep in your step workout giving you heart palpitations or making your mind race, if you are gonna work out or got chores to do and dont like anxiety inducing sativas then this one is for you
Very good

Just had to sample from a recent harvest and OMG- out of all the strains I’ve grown and tried at the Med Dispensary this is IT! Communing with the Angels... Will NEVER last til full cure- sadly only one plant!!!

Paranoia was something...want so much energy you don’t know what to do with it this is your best bet

Well, when they say this will mellow you out they are aren't joking, this did not only mellow me out this fucking made me black out. I felt like I got shot with a couple rounds of 7.62. honestly the highest I've ever been if I could give it 10 I would.
Very good

i think i have a new favorite strain