Air Jordan OG

Air Jordan OG Cannabis Strain

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A heavy indica that feels like a comfy sweater made of bricks in a deep stone tub full of warm dimes.

For all you Indica lovers out there, this is a 100% pure Indica. This is the best strain I have ever used for my depression, stress, and mainly INSOMNIA. This strain when you try it will make you feel like you did when you first ever tried herb. Its an amazing strain. There is a reason why they call Jordan the GOAT!!

Great for Depression, Stress, Pain, and Sleep!!! This pure 100% Indica will make you feel like you are back in high school again!!!! Amazing strain!!! ;)
Very good

I'm a huge hyperactive person and this strain made me sooo relaxed! It not only made me very relaxed but also made me very happy. Every thought I had was just positive.

Took a trip to LA and came up on this strain. It was an almost immediate hit. A twilight sedation due to the time of day it was.. anyway I loved it and its perfect to smoke and unwind from a long day. Taste is good also. Now to try and find it in Phoenix, we'll see.
Very good

This is a solid medicinal strain. If you're hyperactive and need to relax, I strongly urge you to try Air Jordan OG. AJOG won't have your mind running either; the sedation is intense. Not a bad looking flower, and the terpene profile is strong.
Very good

I just had some of it from a shop GS 848 or something like that and it's super bomb🔥! Best I ever had!!!