Afgooey Cannabis Strain

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It thrive outdoor in northern climate too. Very nice for the taste and effect.
Very good

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Very good

Very good

I’m a new marijuana user and while I’d recommend this strain for a seasoned expert, I would advise noobs to stay away for awhile! After 3 hits from my pipe I was nauseated and my chest tightened painfully. At first, I thought my body was rejecting it and just as I said “This was a bad idea,” the fun part kicked in. Jello Legs, slackjaw, heavy eyelids, and lots of laughs. Followed by a bizarre paranoia and memory lapse spiral...
Very good stress & depression ...gone, leaves somewhat of a slo-mo effect for a good while first toke left me paranoid & seemed to fu** my soc. skills .all the way up. so dont make plans first go round & youll b fine bag and nose appeal falls short but- an all around great strain for awkward folk like myslf Alien.....Out

I’m not a fan of Woody scents and flavors, but the quality of the high this strain gives doesn’t disappoint. Although the smell and taste are mild and woody, Afgooey gave me a slow climbing heavy high in both mind and body but mainly body. Great bedtime bud. Very sticky buds similar to gorilla glue, hence its nick name “Sticky OG” For smokers who like a mild yet satisfying high to cap the night off and provide a good nights...
Very good

Amazing strain. Happy head, full body pain relief. Bought a quarter and think maybe I should a swooped up more because its fresh, delicious, and, potent.

I have to review this strain because it's the closest thing to Bart Simpson OG - which is what I'm smoking now but Leafly doesn't have BSO listed. Anyway, holy fuck this is a heavy hitter! It's 23.8% THC and the sugar is thick. This gets me mentally pumped like a fire Sativa but glues me down like a heavy Indica. I'm watching The Fog and its been a badass Halloween. Just give this strain a try: either Afgooey or Bart ...
Very good

I love this strain! When I smoked this Afgooey It didn't hit me until half way through the blunt (mind you, I was sharing with my wife as well) and when it did I was on the moon! It relaxed my muscles and made them feel lose and put me in a good mood. This is one of those strains where if you were to get a massage it would feel 10× better just being high on this strain rather than not being high at all, Also this is great fo...
Very good

I need something that makes my body chill out and makes me sleepy at night. This does the job.