Afghani CBD

Afghani CBD Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I've been afraid to touch cannabis for 9 months now, due to it triggering severe anxiety and dp/dr. But a while back i heard about cbd strains, and i decided to give it a shot. I was not dissapointed. I've smoked small amounts of this strain, and each time it gives me all the good parts of being high (euphoria, relaxation), without any of the negative side effects. I reccomend this strain to anyone who's had bad experiences ...
Very good

I vaped this strain and at first i didn't think much of it. I felt the body high come one slowly but it didn't have a massive indica feel to it at first. Within a half hour I was completely couch locked and had super heavy eyes. the euphoric effects were amazing. Cotton mouth was killing me, I was drinking so much water. No anxious or paranoid thoughts whatsoever, I could maintain a conversation even though I was couched. I ...

Love using this at night to calm down, it is always a good time.
Very good

I am currently smoking on a batch of CBD afghani from my dispensary green rhino .. i think it's fire . I have DP/DR as well as anxiety and PTSD , i can not handle high THC strains any more . I immediately felt healing properties with my first pull off this batch . The smell is very clean , fresh , strong and has great cannabis pheromones coming off it . I feel my mind relax as well i am getting caught in thoughts from time t...
Very good

My friend recommended this strain to me. This is all i have been smoking recently. It does wonders for my Panic Attacks. When smoking Afghani CBD i find my thoughts stop racing and my body to become more relaxed. Its perfect for a daytime or night time smoke.

One of my favourite strains. Makes you feel so relaxed and frees you of all physical pain and mental worries. Makes you body feel kind of like jello but without mental cloudiness. Love this strain, love CBD :)
Very good

One of my top favorites. This strain basically cured my muscle pain from after the gym and made me extremely hungry. Very good anti anxiety and has a super tasty flavor profile. Like most Afghan strains this one is a bit of a creeper
Very good

It smells a bit like fruity cough syrup, I thinks it's because of the CBD content. It was the first time I tried CBD and I'm not disappointed. It feels like a lighter high in the head and stronger in the body, super relaxing. I like to vape it and usually I don't like to vape.
Very good

Good for night time
Very good

Afghani CBD is a great strain to treat pain and restlessness. This strain is ideally suited to use in the evenings as it does tend to cause a bit of couch lock. Consuming it will result in a very relaxed feeling with a lovely body buzz and a good amount of pain relief. The effects last about 2 hours before a top up is needed and it does facilitate sleep. Overall a great strain with all the benefits of high CBD.