Afghan Hawaiian

Afghan Hawaiian Cannabis Strain

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It was ok... I didn't like the type of buzz, but that's a personal preference. It feels exactly like the description says even though it was sitting in a vacuum can for 3 years! I got kinda paranoid but it wasn't anything crazy... I had already had other issues on my mind which led to the paranoia. Buzz lasted about 2 hours exactly (Yes, I timed it)...
Very good

Can anyone get this in England

Very nice high. $7 a/g CC Church st. Toronto. Very nice
Very good

it's a great migraine relief a great strain for body relief too a must buy again

A solid 3.9-4 start strain right here. Not my favorite by any means but it's an enjoyable, relaxing high that takes a while to develop but lingers for a long time. Very sweet taste and practically no dank odor. A very misconcieving bud for sure. It's great for having on you at school or work where people are prone to smell it through the bag on you. PS- the bud looks crazy and different from typical loud. A very small, lea...
Very good

Picked up a few grams of this strain without reading anything about it. Pleasantly surprised it had nice heady ramp up and mellowed out in to a sleepy haze. I like to smoke it in the late afternoon/ early evening.
Very good

hit this in a better bat one hitter, wish i had some now to feed to my Airizer Solo, i digress, toke is sweet and sour cream, expands in your lungs deeply, on exhale you instantly feel the heavy effects of the Afghan and purple while the cerebral effects make you want to sing a song, or write a poem or make love to a beautiful girl by the water. love this strain and long for the day i can taste her sweet bud again.

I got puna budder cookies ?????? I don't know if that's the same I got it as a concentrate it's good I guess feels sativa .

cool new strain