Abusive OG

Abusive OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Abusive OG is a full service indica strain. The smoking is smooth and the effects are interesting - it comes on like a hybrid that is stimulating in a calm kind of way and all kinds of balanced mental comings and goings occur. After a pleasant ride, Abusive becomes calming and sedative. What a nice combo of medicinal goodness for relaxing and then going bedie bye ...
Very good

Amazing beautiful incredibly intense calming high. Very clear headed. Not your average indica strain. Definitely in my top 10 :) ill remember this strain for a long time. Highly recommended to everyone itll definitely open up your mind and get that creative side thinkin!!
Very good

I thought this strain was AMAZING. real good taste and the high was relaxing and more of the body high.
Very good

awesome, heavy heady feeling, superbly calming and tastes very nice! Put me in a great relaxed mood. one of my new favorite indicas!
Very good

Having trouble sleeping? Let abusive OG knock you out allowing for an amazing nights sleep. This strains soooo relaxing I can't emphasize that enough!
Very good

Yo it’s like this strain was made into waxy marmalade that gives more fades than a barber on Friday! O damn my G, I’m just being abusive! This strain is straight up MEDICINE - puts you into total euphoric sedation, increases appetite, then slowly walks you into dreamland! The only thing this strain abuses is the couch!!! What’s not to like?
Very good

Heavy hash, relaxed couch-lock effect, 🖒
Very good

Very relaxing

"Abusive OG" WOW one of the best indica strain..I need this strain in my life today i total my car and walk alway so i was gifted with some "Abusive OG" easy to break up smells lovely so rolled A fat blunt to help with my anxiety and back pain...15 min later my body high feels great i am at a peaceful state of mind and the taste is unforgettable and i love how it smell so roll up,,pack a bow fire up..It's great!!!