A-10 Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This strain is some is nice when your with your friend listening to music slowed down relaxed you can feel your body move with the energy🌇
Very good

For a low key 10 dollar strain at the Prime Leaf.. well worth the money I spent on the 1/4 . Going to really enjoy the next couple of days

I think is exactly what I need I suffer from daily chronic pain and insomnia.! I hate taking any medication for it but the pain is to intense and I have to take the narcos to help the pain and I can't sleep at night I'm like a walking mummy. What can i do to get this type? Daisy
Very good

It's aight

Harsh taste but seemed better rolled or as oil. The high was pleasant, but short, the effects seemed even more blunted with water filtration. Overall 2.5 but gave 3!

One of the first strains I smoked, keeps me down for sure. more of a nighttime toke. good for releaving stress and relaxing your muscles.

Definite indica strain. A total head high, no body effects compared to a sativa. After a few hours from smoking it, it made me tired and cranky. My face went numb at one point, but I have nervous system issues so I can't say it was necessarily the weed. The nuggets are very dense so you're only getting about 4 regular little nuggets in an 8th. I haven't geeked out so hard in years after smoking this stuff. Made me laugh. Ind...

MK Ultra is one of my favorite strains of all time because of it's smell, and flavor. Packs a good buzz helping you get daily chores done and any of your other goals achieved.

very uplifting and nice taste