818 OG

818 OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Absolute 10/10. EXTREMELY potent, incredibly euphoric, fantastic body-feel, very relaxing, and a highly effective painkiller for my post-surgical aches & bowel pain. Probably my favorite indica I’ve smoked so far.

Couch LOCK.. I am a picky man and this Firebrand 818 OG is powerful. You will have severe rubber neck and that means.. even with an epic tolerance this will leave you amazed. Left this review because I went back 2 days later to buy more and this flower is worth leaving a review.
Very good

I can’t stop buying this strain. I get along really well with the terpenes. I’ve been smoking for over 10 years and 818 is my go-to sleep aid strain. Knocks me OUT. Really helps with anxiety and pain. Panic attack stopper!
Very good

I've only seen this cut once and it was the Vicks vapor rub pheno,not as describe by Queafly. Who knows, but I love that Vicks..
Very good

I absolutely love the taste of this strain in concentrate form! But I never buy something for the flavor...so here's the 818 OG (Not to be confused with SFV OG I believe) After my 2nd dab I started feeling my body relax from toe to head. Which was unique since I usually first feel relaxation toward top of my body then the relaxation moves downward. Very rarely do I get hungry. I actually forget to eat a lot. Can't go more th...

I was not hot on this strain I am a heavy smoker and it did nothing for me witch was a dissipointment because I love the OG strains .
Very good

One of my favorites, next to L.S.D.. Thi bud never seems to fail or live up to its name. This is one of those strains (or so it seems), that if it hasn't been flushed (burn grey/black), had mold, was harvested to early = racy, it never seems to matter, popcorn​ shrimp size buds to big apple size buds, it always seems to smoke the same. This must be one of those strains that just stays the same no matter what. If you're a...
Very good

one of a kind smoke ive had it twice about a year apart. kaleafa in portland test at 27% its different..... must try

flavor wasnt incredible but this is a great strain for insomnia and pain. definitely knocked me out!

I have a half ounce of this