707 Headband

707 Headband Cannabis Strain

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Love this strain in shatter form!
Very good

Wow. The taste is simply delicious.. feeling so relaxed! Smooth & potent strain ❤️
Very good

This and blueberry headband are two of my top choices.
Very good

Stoned for the first time using this strain. 24.863 % THCA, 0.242% CBG. I feel numbing and relaxed. I am typically a Sativa person though enjoy a strong indica from time to time
Very good

This strain tastes great, and is definitely helpful when it comes to anxiety and depression. I purchased an indica strain of this. Be careful, as this will most definitely creep up on you! it takes about 10-15 minutes before you'll feel the full effects, so don't be fooled!
Very good

Currently have this sugar from cresco. It is one of my favorites so far. Great for pain and relaxation.

My dispensary has this in concentrate and flower, I was a little under impressed by the flowers, but I absolutely love this concentrate. They have it in many different consistencies, but I keep going back to the butter/wax consistency. This is my go to for pain and nausea.
Very good

707 Headband has a woody flavor and aroma. A nice strong pain relieving effect, relaxing in the body without being numbing.
Very good

This strain I use for night & day. It's headband with Master Kush. It knocked me out earlier today and I took a much needed nap. I've also dabbed this first thing in the morning & it helped get me moving.
Very good

Now this bud is official like a ganga with a pistol!! A slight delayed high but once you it hits you it hits you! Right between the eyes! Great strain for sure! I recommend this one!