501st OG

501st OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

straight fire... loved it... definitely in my top 5
Very good

Potent Cannabis and has a lovely OG kushy flavor. Among that, it also has a distinct "Dank" smell from the Rare Dankess #1.

This was bought right around the time I picked up Ewok. Guess I was on a Star Wars themed shopping spree. The smell was earthy and not too pungent during the grind. The inhale was a little harsh at first but mellowed out the further I got into my stash. The high hit fairly quickly and was strong I tend to hit my vape 6-8 times before it burns out and didn't need to hit it again before the end of the night. It is a high that...
Very good

An excellent high! The sweet, piney taste is a nice change to the sours and citrus flavors out there. A strong initial high but mellows off to a very relaxed mood. Great weekend strain.
Very good

Fantastic high. Head does not get foggy. Pure body high. Perfect for a night on the couch or listen to music before bed. Very relaxing. Euphoria feeling is almost immediately. No paranoia or nervous anxious feeling.
Very good

Top choice and my name says it all 501st O.G. when Cured fine this strain brings out it's best with a fine grape tone exhale with a peppermint tingly taste following an immediate elevation of superb high. Very potent, and not recommended for a novice. An awesome night-cap with an appetizer of an intermediate couch-lock. Great way to end a pleasant day with a night-cap strain. This strain is superb and personally vouch fo...
Very good

This OG with extremely energetic very fruity fresh organic earthy earthy orange hair pretty green buds easy to break down to all the pain away slept really well woke up after the very next morning we were good strain
Very good

Wow, the taste, headbuzz, tranquility, and euphoric characteristics is very much a wowzer.....I feel sooo awesome and anxiety free.
Very good

Have trouble sleeping? This is your new best friend. As a bonus it packs a robust classic Bubba flavor of bubblegum and earthy pine . The effects are very pleasant sedation, physical relaxation, and quite quickly, sleep with a smile. The flowers are medium to large, really pretty, very aromatic and super sticky.
Very good

I was 1/4 into a blunt when I realized I was I was high. BEST...STRAIN...PERIOD! I've never written a review before but I had to create an account to leave this review. I smoke a lot due to permanent nerve damage and I've become immune to THC but with just a few hits of this it's like my tolerance went to -1000% haha definitely recommend this strain for folks with pain, stress and overall short fused kind of people.