Wonder Woman strain review

Published Jul 9, 2019 12:55 p.m. ET
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The Wonder Woman strain is known for helping to aid in the controlling of inner turmoil. She is also famous for stimulating sexual appetites. This cannabis strain’s origins are just like her name, a wonder, shrouded in mystery. The sativa-dominant strain is a cross between Iceand Top 44.

Nirvana Seeds is the producer of this fantastic strain; its lineage can make it hard to predict what strains come out of it. Crossing it with other cannabis strains can make the sativa-dominant genetics produce indica strain quality buds.

Flavor profile

The pleasant skunky scent has a powerful hit of petrol to accompany it. Be prepared to indulge in a powerful, almost over-bearing aroma. Look for an opened window or well- ventilated area when partaking of this superhero named strain.

The taste is petrol with undertones of citrus help to provide a more pleasant palatable flavor. Inhaling of this strain will deliver a lemon-gas experience.

The balloon shaped buds will stick to your fingers. The intensity of the gum requires a top-notch grinder to ensure that the buds are grounded and not stuck in a poor-quality grinder.


This superhero strain prefers to be grown indoors, although if you are in the right climate outside growth is possible. Look towards harvesting your outside plants around October month. A healthy plant will render up to 16 ounces per plant.

This compact plant is ideal for indoor growing, and the topping is only required twice during the growing cycle. The shorter you keep the plant, the bushier it will be.

The THC content of Wonder Woman is between 16-22%, and the CBD content ranges around 0.12%.


This will rate the strain with a ratio of THC to CBD at 125:1 to 180:1 content.

Depending on the phenotype that you are using you may enjoy a smooth inhale, and notice on exhaling a harsher note is experienced from the Sativa-dominant phenotype. Look for a boosting in your mood level, and arousal could be a possible added experience. The relaxed feelings will allow you to remain alert as the physical effects creep in.


This indica strain’s phenotype will produce a more, harsh taste, and has a rapid onset. The effects are not as long-lasting as the sativa phenotype, however. Use this indica strain phenotype for socializing or for those looking to improve their sexual experience.

For medical needs, Wonder Woman is a powerful pain reliever, aiding in the treatment of headaches and fibromyalgia. For sufferers of muscle spasm and arthritis, this is a perfect solution.

When dealing with mental health concerns like anxiety or improving moods, look for Wonder Woman to do its job. The relieving of gastrointestinal worries can be addressed with the use of this strain.

Wonder Woman will boost your energy, and for that reason this strain is most suitable to use in the late morning, or perhaps the early afternoon, helping you to survive the stressful day with increased focus and concentration.

Over-indulgence of the mighty Wonder Woman can lead to headaches, dry mouth, and dry eyes. As with all marijuana strains and methods of consumption, choose your dosage carefully to enjoy the fantastic beneficial experience that will have you coming back for another superhero, action-packed ride.

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