Will cannabis-infused beverages be the trend this Christmas?

Published Dec 16, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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Market intelligence points to CBD infused beverages reaching 1,018.3 million dollars in sales by the end of 2025. These numbers could be influenced by the legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, becoming more widespread globally. Some of the giants in the alcohol beverage space have been taking notes, and they are investing substantial amounts of green in the growing trend of cannabis-infused beverages.

A new trend is being set in the healthcare and food industry. CBD beverages have seen worldwide acceptance. For the medical consumer, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound and does not intoxicate. Most users are enjoying the CBD infused beverage for health reasons.  One of the most visible uses of CBD infused beverages is for the treatment of epilepsy.

For the recreational cannabis user who is looking for a new means to get high as an alternative to smoking, a THC infused beverage is becoming more desirable. For the past several years in the United States, beer sales have been on a steady decline. Cannabis-infused drinks offer a new option. Studies have indicated that cannabis and alcohol may be perfect substitutes for each other, depending on the situation.

What is the attraction?

As an alternative to an alcohol-based drink, many college-aged consumers are turning to cannabis-based beverages. Consumer research surveys indicate that cannabis being used as an alternative to other recreational drugs and alcohol, was the driving force for many who tried the cannabis-infused THC beverages.

As previously mentioned, CBD infused beverages are appealing to those who are looking for healthy alternatives to standard medication often prescribed by physicians to manage conditions that CBD might more safely and effectively treat.

Who is providing the holiday cheer?

As we get ready to toss 2020 to the wind and welcome in a new year, cannabis-infused beverages are part of the Canadian legal cannabis horizon. Hexo, a cannabis producer, has joined forces with Molson Coors to develop five cannabis beverage brands. The brands are under the umbrella company Truss Beverage Co. who will be providing a variety of potent levels and flavours to satisfy consumers' tastes.

The delicious beverages come with an edible bonus. The sparkling drinks begin the onset without the usual waiting period that you’d expect from edibles.

How are these beverages formulated?

Cannabis is not naturally water-soluble. It needs to be broken down into tiny particles for it to mix with water. A faster onset is produced when the herb is broken down into small pieces, and this provides a much more controlled experience for the user.


To describe the effects that a cannabis-infused beverage provides, one has to try them.  Cannabis-infused drinking provides individual personal experiences. In all of us, the endocannabinoid system plays a significant part in how we experience the effects of these cannabis-infused beverages. Another contributing issue on how the effects are felt might be what you have eaten that day. A fifteen to 30-minute time frame is usually the time needed before you feel the effects, which generally, for most people, lasts around 2 hours.

How much do I need to drink?

Canada tops their dosing of infused beverages at 10mg, but don't let this seemingly low number scare you away from trying these beverages by assuming the level is too low or that you would need to consume many beverages to provide the wanted feelings. Always remember to start low and slow. People who consider themselves as heavy cannabis users have commented surprise at the positive impact they feel. Never assume that you can jump right into a maximum infused THC beverage.

The format that Truss uses is far different than anything else available on the market today.

Final thoughts

So, as we all wait for this year like no other to end, why not enjoy the holidays with a cannabis-infused drink. Check out these delicious alternatives to alcoholic beverages and smoking cannabis this year.

  • XMG is the highest potency beverage available from Truss and is designed to be just what the heavy cannabis user will enjoy. For the heavy hitter looking for a higher hit and mood shift, this is the right choice for celebrating the holidays and welcoming in the new year. Whether alone or in your personal bubble, XMG is for you.

  • House of Terpenes is for those wanting a mock cocktail to welcome in the New Year. The 5mg potency allows you to enjoy your drink as you would like a cocktail, which you may have more than one or two at a time.

  • Veryvell will be the perfect holiday beverage for those that are looking for a CBD only infused beverage. This is an ideal beverage for the end of the day holiday season. Enjoy the relaxing effects that will be harmonious with the end of a busy day celebrating.

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